Why Lease?

  Benefits For Your Customer

 Benefits For The Vendor

Benefits for Your Customer

Management of your Business Plan
  Easier to keep pace with technology and computerization
  Lease term matches the depreciation and/or useful life of the asset
  Fixed rate-monthly cost does not change
  End of lease options to suit your needs
Tax Benefits/Advantages
. Lease has a faster write-off than a purchase or a loan
. Maintain financial objectives and ratios
Cash Flow
. Conserve Working Capital
. Continue to use bank line to manage your business
. Match the cost of an asset to the overall benefit in a comfortable monthly payment
. Lease Back-convert existing purchased equipment etc. to a lease program and receive capital

Benefits for The Vendor

Leasing is an Easy Decision
  A monthly payment compared to a large capital outlay
  Leasing is an operating expense as compared to a capital expense
Vendor Gets Prompt Payment
. Leasing offers the Vendor fast payment. Generally two days from delivery and acceptance
. No bad debt for the Vendor
Competitive Advantage
. Customer can add to or upgrade their equipment
. Repeat Sales - As your customers' business grows they will require your products at a nominal increase per month
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